max 4 persons marriage bed sofa hairdryer separate bathroom wi-fi air conditioning

Room 6 - The Loft

This open space includes a large part of the original old barn, which is above the stable. It is a very large space, with a glass window that overlooks the Southern plaza, a window that faces East, and two windows that face North. The furnishings include a desk, a dresser, a queen sized bed, and two large sofa beds, which makes the room usable in several different variations, from a single room to a four bed room. It is a highly comfortable and welcoming accommodation, it includes a private bathroom with an anteroom, and the details are well finished, as in all the other rooms. Access to this room is through the “wisteria stair”, which is located at the far end of the main court. It has a an anteroom entrance, which is shared with Room 5, the Alcove.

Each room has heating and air conditioning.

There is no television.

Internet connection is available in WiFi hotspots, in the common areas.

The structure has a large living area in which one can relax by reading, listening to music, or by simply admiring the scenery through the large glass window, facing east.

There is also access to a small kitchen in the owner’s residence, which can be used to prepare food, or warm up baby food.


  • 51.47 square meters – 554.02 square feet
  • Air conditioning
  • Outdoor space
  • Shared bathroom
  • Limited mobility and wheelchair accessible bathroom
  • Hair drier
  • Towels
  • Crib (upon request)
  • WiFi