Our holidays farm offers also comfortable rooms surrounded by orangeries. Stay with us for a weekend or a season.

In the countryside life is beautiful

The variety of our products allows us to promote organic farming, a healthy lifestyle and the beauty of our contemporary rural world. Find out how many things you can do with us.

Sicilian Cooking Courses

SICILIAN COOKING COURSES For centuries, Sicily has been a melting pot of different cultures, each with its own customs, language […]

(Italiano) Ristorazione in agriturismo

We prepare meals on reservation… Our restaurant is open only on reservation, and only for our guests or for those […]


If you wish to organize an event, a private dinner for a small number of friends or promote a public […]


Pietre di gelo' (Frosted stones) is the old name of this company, my grandmother inherited it from her mothe . It stood at the edge of the old quarter of San Lio and it was so dry that it was called, in Sicilian dialect 'Petruzze di Jelo' (frosted stones), but my grandmother did not like this name and renamed it: 'Virgin Mary', being very devout to her. Its current name is the old name translated into italian to make it understandable to non- Sicilians. The transformation of this company was a gift from my grandfather to my grandmother (he used dynamite to plant citrus trees), he also built the house, the stable, the warehouses and called specialized workers from Ragusa to take out the stones from the land and use them to build stone walls forming closed areas where cows could freely graze. You can still admire them now. ~ Silvia Costarelli