Here in Sicily, the winter time is short and certainly mild. In January, the day time temperatures are between 5 and 22 degrees celcius! The landscape is green and rich in vegetation, the air is clear and the light bright. The fields are rich with wild herbs, which can also be cooked, the vegetable gardens produce cauliflower, spinach, bieta and lettuce in abundance, and the citrus groves are in their prime production. The rains are not very frequent, and when they do come, even if they are intense, they quickly leave room for the sunshine to return. The only snow you will see is the snow that covers the peak of the vulcano Mount Etna, where, if you like, you can go skiing and contemplate the sea from the ski slopes. It is not excluded that you may even be able to go for a swim in the sea…

By having a longer term stay with us in the period that goes from November to March, you can count on a familiar and relaxing hospitality, far from the city hustle and the rigorous northern winters. You will have the common areas available to you for use, as well as the laundry room and the small kitchen. You will have the possibility to pick your fruits and vegetables from the gardens based on your needs, and, if you wish, to contribute to the farm’s activities.

All this can be done benefiting from very convinient rates, both for your room and meals.

You can discuss the details with us regarding your longer term stay by contacting us at: agriturismopietredigelo@gmail.com